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This is a portrait of Istanbul taken in October 2008. The city is defined as much by water as it is by its urban tissue. The sea rolls in the most dramatic clouds; you can smell its aroma and feel its breeze at every corner. Our images seem to be “drawn” with a sharp pen in […]

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Whenever we think of our favourite photographs, the images from India always come to mind. We love particularly the ones we chose for the series ‘Parallel Stories’. Two of the images really are special amongst the selection. Taken in Rajasthan, these two spontaneous portraits embody the deep beauty of the Indian people. He spends his […]

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India. Travelling to India was on our minds for awhile. Perhaps since the time we became close, so somewhere during summer of 2002. I remember my surprise when I first learned that Les was born in Madras, his family having decided to relocate to Australia when he was five years old and that neither he […]

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Just a few images of places that we travelled to in India in 2008: busy cityscapes and vast, open spaces, from Cochin to Darjeeling.

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