We have a particular interest in the lives of indigenous peoples. We have been to various countries where indigenous groups interact at different levels with mainstream society. Some live on the fringes, fighting for survival and struggling to preserve their culture, others integrated well but lost their identity on the way, some, like in Ecuador, define the very mainstream. The series of indigenous stories photographs will, hopefully, develop over time.

Just two months ago we witnessed a successful, indigenous story. Indigenous people from Otavalo in Ecuador are perceived as an independent, wealthy and entrepreneurial group. The Otavalo market takes place every Saturday and is one of the most important Andean local business hubs, with its roots dating back to pre-Incan times. Everything is sold there: from food, livestock, clothes to traditional handicrafts. The market draws tourists and locals alike and creates enough wealth to allow Otavalenos to live in relative comfort in comparison with other indigenous groups in South America.

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