We had a very rainy day here in Melbourne last Friday. The rain fell relentlessly the whole day. In the evening and several times during the night, hail joined the deluge. After years of intense drought in Victoria, flooding rains feel foreign, as if not part of this land. Rather, they seem to belong to the European winter. It reminded us of a January day earlier this year when we visited Granada in Spain. We must have broken the world record that day for the speed of visiting Alhambra. Gale force winds, torrential rain & fog made the experience so different to what is described in guide books and featured in photo albums. But our traveller’s worries were nothing compared with those of local people in countless towns across Andalusia which at that time experienced devastating floods.

So, this is an image of our favourite palace of Alhambra, wrapped in pouring rain. Rain was not the weather we anticipated and Renaissance was not the style we expected. The circular 16th century courtyard boasts stunning proportions and was, thanks to the rain, all ours to enjoy.

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