5 January 2011, 10am or perhaps a little later. Art Café in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

We had a lunch there the previous day and decided to come back for breakfast. This is how it happened: an unexpected encounter with John whose photographs hang on the walls of the café. We had a good chat. We had a good time. John offered us a beautifully published book of his poems. And this is one of them:


With a gentle heart

I sit sanguine in the sun

winking waves


to puncture the stillness

the water’s music


on the script of the tide


In the neap

supple swaying algae

calm and sinous

caress sandstone

tumbled to the sea


Shaded from the intense light

on a moss covered mound

the camera searches

a frozen moment

the waitingness

delicious with anticipation


From a subconscious refuge

mysterious processes of my mind emerge

struggling for rational comprehension

of our anthropocentric universe


John Clark



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